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Not too late to get some plants in the ground

The third week of June is still a busy time for planting, as it is not too late to plant dahlia tubers, lily and glad bulbs and to start growing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini. […]

Late blight disease is attacking of tomato and potato plants

The fungus that caused Ireland’s potato famine more than 150 years ago is starting to make its presence known in Wisconsin. Said that late blight was the cause of 19th century potato famines in Ireland and the fungus can be extremely destructive. […]

Wet Weather and Potato Crop

When it rained after cutting the alfalfa, my grandfather used to say – I’m sure he didn’t originate the saying – “it’s raining oats into the hay.” Although the rain wasn’t good for the cut hay crop, it was providing moisture for the oats that were used to feed the horses that were then used for farming. […]