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More tips for Organic Vegetable Garden

Add in some well rotted cow manure and mix the soil up well. Shovel it lightly into the raised bed forms, being careful not to pack it down. Once you have the beds full, you are ready to plant your seeds. […]

How to Grow Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are distinguished from sweet peppers simply by their pungency or hotness of flavor. There are thousands of hot pepper varieties in the world. (This is the case because peppers easily cross pollinate to generate new kinds.) […]

Requirements for growing potatoes in the garden

Potatoes can be grown successfully in almost all regions, but they require care and attention. The potato has specific soil requirements, and also thorough insect and disease management is necessary. […]

Best Organic Fertilizer

Ideally, soil is a living, thriving ecosystem, with complex interactions between garden plants, earthworms, microorganisms and fungi. Organic fertilizer adds to this ecosystem, providing aeration, protection, organic matter, and nutrition. […]