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 potatoes seed in bucketGrowing your own potatoes in buckets is not difficult and you can do it with your children.
You need buckets about 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter filled with compost or soil.
Start by drilling holes in your bucket. Drill the holes about two inches from the bottom of the container on the side of the container at least six inches apart.
About ten days before you plant, place the potatoes in a warm site with plenty of light so that their shoots start growing.
Cut the potatoes if they are big. Make sure each piece has at least 3 eyes on it. If your potatoes are less than 2 inches long, do not cut them.

Put the seed potatoes into the soil with the eyes facing up. Then fill the bucket near to the top with compost or soil.

Potting medium is necessary to grow potatoes in a bucket. You can use garden soil, potting soil, pure compost, or a combination of peat moss, wood chips, compost, and perlite.

You’ll want to be sure your potting medium, whatever you choose, will allow for enough aeration so that the soil does not become compacted. Put about 4 to 6 inches of potting medium into your bucket.

Place the bpotato-in-bicketucket on bricks for drainage, in a spot that has reasonable light. The ideal temperature is 10-15° C (or 50-60° F).
Place the bucket somewhere with as much light as possible. Turn the bucket regularly so the plant grows straight, and keep the soil moist.
There are many premade containers and buckets you can buy that are specifically meant for this purpose.
You can also make your own using wood, plastic buckets for growing potatoes with the bottom cut out.


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