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Growing potatoes in bags

Potato Planter BagYou can use any methods for growing potatoes in your garden, patio or even balcony. Growing potatoes in a bag is a good method if limited space.

Potatoes can be grown in a wide range of different bags, from garbage bags, empty feed bags to burlap sacks.

Whatever type of bag you choose make sure there are holes in the bottom to allow the excess water to drain from.
The best part of planting potatoes in bags is that they take up very little room and can be placed anywhere that they can get six to eight hours of sunlight. These bags can be placed along a fence line, on the corner of a deck or even among other plants in your yard. The bags can also be decorated or potted plants can be placed around then to add dimension to your landscape. The ideas are endless on where and how you use this method of bag grown potatoes.

For planting potatoes in a bag, first of all add about six inches of rich humus organic soil in the bottom of the bag. Then put in your prepared seed potatoes on the top of the soil about six inches apart and cover them with another six inches of soil.

At this point make sure you have drainage holes in the bottom of the bag. Then roll the excess bag down around the bottom of the filled portion of the bag.
As the potatoes plants start growing keep filling the bag with more soil or compost so the plants will continue to keep developing tubers, leaving a small portion of the plant exposed. Once the potato plants start to bloom stop adding soil to the bag and make sure at all times that the soil is keep moist.

When the plants are blossoming is when there are new young potatoes that are ready to be harvested. You can gently remove some soil by hand from the base of the plant and pick off the tubers that are cooking size.
Once the plants foliage starts to die off and wither the tubers are full grown and ready to be removed from the bags.

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