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Garden Decor

>Outdoor Living

The back yard has become an extension of the home –
a valuable living space which, with a little care, can
become one of your family’s favorite places to be. Look in the
Outdoor Living areas below for items that will make your
spaces more beautiful, practical, safe, enjoyable, even whimsical.
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Patio Furnishings Hammocks and Accessories Outdoor Lighting
Patio Furnishing: Wood, Metal, and Vinyl Seating,
Potting Benches, Swings, and Umbrellas.

Hammocks: A wide range of Hammocks, Stands, Coverings, and More

Outdoor Lighting: Landscape Lighting, Tea Lanterns, Candles, Electrical Accessories

BBQ Grills Patio Heaters and Fire Pits Address Plaques
BBQ Grills: A Great Selection From Patio Classic

Patio Warmth: Propane Heaters and Fire Pits/Boxes

Address Plaques: Handsome Personalized Metal Plaques – a Must See!

Garden Decor Clocks and Thermometers

Garden Decor: Mailbox Posts, Patriotic Items, Butterfly Baths & Houses, Wishing Wells,
Copper Pillars & Vases, Ornamental Items, Garden Art & Sculpture, Signs, and Mats

Clocks & Thermometers: Beautiful and Functional Outdoor-ready Clocks and Thermometers



Sheds & Playhouses

Potting Benches

Butterfly Offset Umbrella
>Southern Butterfly
Offset Umbrella

Ceder Potting Bench
Potting Bench

Endless Summer Patio Heaters
>Endless Summer
Patio Heaters

>Spa 2Go