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Bio-Drum Garden Composter

A handful of compost

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The best way to make you gardent compost is to use Bio-Drum Garden Composter.
Compost is organic matter of varied composition that has broken down through the process of combining it with a bulking agent.
Adding compost in ground soil can help you grow larger and healthier plants and by removing your kitchen scraps and material from your garbage, you reduce the trash you produce.
It is not difficult to make your own rotating barrel composter. Simply take a large drum and hit aeration holes in it. If you wish, fins can be added inside the drum to lift and mix the compost stuffs. To finish it off, add a hinged loading door in the side so that you can add your waste.

One way to make your stuffs inside the drum decompose faster is to roll the barrel on the ground to mix the contents. However, if you have welding skills, you can mount the barrel on a stand and add a crank attachment.
Then all you need do is turn that cranks every day or second day.

If bacteria are introduced with a good amount of garden soil and the barrel is turned every few days, compost can be made in a few weeks this way with little physical effort.

There are also garden composters that stand in your yard and compost at a more accelerated rate. One of the best and easiest to use models is the drum composter.

Drum garden composters allows you to actively rotate the compost which increases oxygen and decomposition rates.
The NEW Garden Composters incorporate patented double drum autoflow design. With autoflow, material goes in the top and compost exits out the end as the drum rotates.
The 200 is the smallest of the three composters excellent for composting kitchen scraps and a few cut up garden trimmings.
The 400 is a continuous composter designed for composting kitchen scraps and a cut up materials from small garden.

Bio-Drum Garden Composter 50 Gal

Bio-Drum Garden Composter 50 Gal

Bio-Drum Garden Composter 100 Gal

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