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Not too late to get some plants in the ground

The third week of June is still a busy time for planting, as it is not too late to plant dahlia tubers, lily and glad bulbs and to start growing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and zucchini. […]

How to grow Chinese Vegetables

Oriental vegetables, favored in Chinese and Asian cooking are easy to grow. They are tasty, vigorous, and highly adaptable. Most are fast growing and suitable for small gardens and containers. […]

Certified Organic Tobacco

n a thoughtl world, the only need for tobacco would be ceremonial. For now, it is very important that tobacco consumers of all kinds have the choice to purchase a product that has been grown using earth-friendly and responsible cultivation practices. […]

How to Plant an Organic Garden

Organic gardening, especially, will be more fun when you comprehend that you are working with nature, not against it. Garden pests and plant disease can frequently be prevented by careful planning and management, but sometimes despite your best efforts, you might lose crops. […]