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Late blight disease is attacking of tomato and potato plants

The fungus that caused Ireland’s potato famine more than 150 years ago is starting to make its presence known in Wisconsin. Said that late blight was the cause of 19th century potato famines in Ireland and the fungus can be extremely destructive. […]

Weeding tools

It is well known fact that weeds rob plants of necessary nutrients and moisture. They also attract insects and bacterial infections that would affect the potato and other garden plants. […]

Growing Potatoes in Containers

All what you need to grow potatoes in containers are are large 10 litre containters (you could use pots or buckets); Crocks – bits of broken plant pots or pebbles; Soil or compost; Certified seed potatoes from reliable supplier […]

Planting potatoes ways

A week or two before your date of planting potatoes set your seed potatoes somewhere where they will be exposed to some warmth (between 60 and 70 degrees F.) and lots of light. This will induce them to begin sprouting. […]